Leadership Development Programme


Leaders are pivotal to company's success.

In our 3-6 months "Leadership Development Programme", we provide a structured framework for leadership development by incorporating theory and hands-on project.

We will start with an introductory session to share the overall framework and leadership concepts.  After that, participants will embark on work related projects to apply the concepts learned.  They will present their project updates in subsequent sessions.

Key Leadership Concepts that will be covered:


  • strategic thinking and planning
  • sales & marketing
  • operations and productivity
  • project management
  • discover your DISC strengths and weaknesses
  • persuasive communication
  • energize your team
  • performance coaching
  • delegation
  • conflict management
  • ... etc


The Action Learning approach provides a platform for participants to internalize the learning and create business result during the project implementation.


Groom your leaders using Action Learning!